Big Blue Skirt

Big, bold, beautiful, and blue! This skirt says all things plus chic which I love! Wearing color can be so invigorating for me and instantly makes me feel extremely vibrant. It’s not not the only thing I’m wearing for this look, however it was my inspiration for bringing everything else together. The slightly high low tea length, clean pleats, raw cut hem, and fabric were the first characteristics of the skirt that drew me to the check out line. I love to find a piece of fashion that entails different design details that you know you can wear over and over again. I am a girl of details first and lastly the fashion/trends elements that will catch the eye of the usual shopper first. My halter bodysuit top is one I’ve owned for some time now from Forever 21. In my head it goes with everything! Luckily it worked out just fine. So in closing I’ll just call this look the “Big, Blue, Bold Look” enjoy!

What I’m Wearing: top Forever 21, Skirt Mode Plus, shoes Sheik

Shot by Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik






Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl…

Who doesn’t love a free flowing and stylish outfit? Most of all no Spanx needed to suck it all in, just let it all flow and no one has to know! I still feel sexy just being naturally me while staying true to my style. I’ve never been the “curvy” girl to wear all things big and flowing. Hiding my body is not apart of me. It actually feels a little odd yet cool to wear super loose and flowing garments. When I do I make sure I stay true to my style by adding elements of me, otherwise I wouldn’t want to rock it! Here I am wearing nothing new just some things pasted down to me, found, or that I’ve owned for a while. I kept my body shape in mind when styling myself which I think most plus size girls look past. Their immediate thought is if it covers my stomach and it fits loose then my stomach is hidden and it looks flat. Sometimes you can actually look larger that what you actually are by putting on huge clothing, also considering the fact that the length of the top and/or bottom will be too long for you. So always dressing for your body shape will ensure that you easy breezy flowing outfit will look fabulous on you!

Photography by Gebel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

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unnamed (2)


Just Add Water

We are 24 days away from the first day of summer and if you haven’t started loading up on swimwear you better start right now! Plus size swim wear has endless options that has me swooning over just about every swim collection and piece I see! From floral, animal and even food prints no girl with curves should be running for the shade this summer. I’ve tallied up my favorites that I’ve seen so far to guide you to the right one or two to fit your style. Global warming will give you all the reason to not want to stay out of the water or away from that swim party and I guarantee I will have you warmed up and hitting the water or pool side in style!

I’ll share a moment of truth with you all. I have recently gained twenty pounds and I have just wanted to curl under all things that cover me up. Yes I have always been a body positive person but I also believe in being healthy. Looking in the mirror I started to not like the body I seen looking back at me. Insecurities started coming into my mind and I had to start speaking daily positive words to myself and act on getting back to the old me. I’m still on the road to getting back positive but I’m remembering to love this two hundred and something pound body even when I put on some weight, even when things look a little out of place. With the summer right over the horizon I refuse to be the girl back in her teen years covering up in eighty plus degree weather! I will continue to purchase all, well try to, the bikinis and swim wear I want and they will be worn! I hope you gals do the same and don’t wait on that fifteen pounds to shed to put on the cute swim suit do it NOW! That’s how you get bikini body ready!

I’ll start with the one piece that we were originally stuck with but these are one another level of fun, flirt, and sexy!


top row: forever 21(first three), torrid. bottom row: torrid(first two). pinup girl clothing, mod cloth


rue 21( first two), pinup girl clothing



Now on to bearing our mid drifts. These are cute, colorful, sexy, and did I mention sexy!



left to right: Forever 21, Torrid, Nakimuli, Mod Cloth, Torrid, Mod Cloth, Rue 107



Forever 21(first three), Rue 107

Food Prints


Forever 21, Rue 107(last two)

Solid Colors


Addition Elle, Forever 21, Simply Be

The last but not least, cover ups! If you want to be a little modest are just cover up for a little while, do it in style!

coverup1All Jibri!

coverup 1

Forever 21(first two), Addition Elle, Simply Be, Addition Elle

Now, Just Add Water!

My Tulle Series

Let’s talk tulle!  Of course they are originally used for ballerinas, but we everyday girls couldn’t help adding them to our closets too. Marie Taglioni was the first to set the tutu trend with her white layered skirt in 1832. The skirts were originally designed so dancers could have more freedom to move around on stage while performing. The colors and style options are endless now which makes me want them even more! Rocking them your own own way makes them chic and fun for any age. No matter your style or size there’s one out there for you. To give you a better visual here are three different ways to style a tulle skirt, better known as a “tutu”. I had so many style options it was hard for me to narrow them down to just three. The skirts are also year ’round friendly so for me, it’s a smart investment piece.

When purchasing a tulle skirt there are some factors I really consider before making one my own. Although you may see these tulle skirts everywhere nowadays, if you want to make a good purchase and invest in a good skirt, quality should be your very first factor. You want your skirt to be made from the best possible tulle, with at least eight layers, to also have a lining as foundation along with waist band being sewn into the skirt. Execution is also an important factor. With all of these details in place, you will have a fabulous skirt!

what I’m wearing: Tulle skirt from designer Magic 1668.

Look one: Top by local boutique not recently purchased, heels by Torrid

Look two: Top by Lane Bryant shoes thrifted

Look three: Top from Walgreens ( cut to create a crop top) heels by Torrid

photography by: Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik










unnamed (9)

Denim On Denim

We all know finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding the right boyfriend, its hard so so hard! Wearing denim for plus size women has not been popular in the past (or currently) but I feel mastering the fit of  a pair of denim as an American is a must! I’ve always loved denim and jean pants are a favorite. They go with just about anything too. You can dress them up or down and even personalize them to your liking. As the years have gone by, the new cuts and styles that have emerged give you a new  outlook on denim no matter your size. Even more exciting, adding Spandex in to the fabric gives it a little stretch and  more wear-ability to the curvy girl which allows her to wear endless styles. I am rocking YMI Jeans in their “Wanna Betta Butt Jeans” in the high waist skinny leg style, and yes these jeans were created to lift and contour your rear end to its best look! They also have spandex in them to give you that room to move around in and makes them easy to get on. You may have to wiggle into them  a tad but when they are on they feel great and most of all you look great and your butt does too! I decided to show these fabulous jeans off two different ways to show how versatile high waist jeans can be. One is closer to my original sense of style which is chic and preppy while the other is more of my alter ego and more of a casual sexy style that shows off my curves and how a high-waist jean accentuates the body! Of course there are endless ways to wear jeans so here’s my way of rocking them. Don’t forget to get you a pair, every girl needs a great pair of jeans!

What I’m Wearing: (both looks) jeans by YMI Jeans junior plus high-waist Wanna Betta Butt Skinny

Look One: top Forever 21, suspenders H&M, jeans YMI Jeans, heels Shek(not recently purchased) lipstick MAC pink pigeon

Look Two: top Torrid(not recently purchased), jeans YMI jeans, heels Torrid, lipstick MAC lady danger

Photography by Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

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unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (8)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (4)


Suit, No Tie, Black and White

Pulling from menswear is a classic in women’s wear, originating from Coco Chanel herself.  I personally love embracing menswear styles because they give me a sense of edge, power, and androgyny. Since it is Women’s History month, I wanted to celebrate the fact that we have come a long way. We as women were not even allowed to wear pants in the working environment and at school until the early 1970’s. A small but very important stage in the growth of women in the United States, pants today are very much apart of a woman’s daily wardrobe, although I love to slip into a dress any day! It’s interesting for me to see how sexy putting on a pair of slacks with a button down shirt, a blazer or vest with a push up bra, and stilettos can make you feel. I love to take reference from Janet Jackson back in the early 2000’s when she rocked her sexy menswear ensemble in her “I Get So Lonely” video. Such a timeless look I must say. For my look, I grabbed similarly patterned slacks and a vest and brought them to life with simple accessories. This can be pulled off during a day at the office with a different heel and after work for a little winding down.

What I’m Wearing: vest Thrift Store, slacks Lane Bryant, shirt NY & Company, coat Donna Karen,shoes Smash Shoes, watch  by Invicta

photography by Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

unnamed (2)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (1)

The Long Way

Loose and dramatic fits makes me feel two things comfortable and sexy. Every girl loves a loose flowing top that you can pair with a fitted bottom and this is my version of one because of course I have to bring in dramatic somewhere. I’m also wearing Torrid’s curvy skinny jean which is a great fit for the hour glass figure shape. I don’t have to worry about “plumbers crack” when I take a seat and they  sit well on my waist, and of course the stretch percentage is great. Brown detailed accessories completed the look.

What I’m Wearing : top, jeans, and heels by Torrid. clutch thrift store

Photography by Ge’bel Baucham   unnamed (4)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (3)


unnamed (7)

12 Ways to Love Thyself

As women, naturally we forget to put ourselves first and and give to the most important people in our lives, ourselves. We are naturally made as nurturers, wanting to give to others and make sure the needs of loved ones in our lives are met. Also, we get so caught up in the daily routine of our lives, the thought of self-love doesn’t cross our minds. We need to find ways to love ourselves more deeply! This is an important aspect in anyone’s life because it is the key to happiness. Simple things that we sometimes expect from others that can be given to us, by us, can provide much more satisfaction. Whether you have someone in your life or you are single, spending time with yourself can can be so fulfilling. The older I get, the more I realize being selfish to some extent is important in order to provide self love. It’s OK to splurge once a month, turn off your phone for a couple of hrs, or even take yourself out on a date. It keeps your sense of self in tact and appreciation for individuality which can be lost in one’s life. Whether you are single or madly in love I challenge you to do one or even five or more of these simple self love acts that will guarantee appreciation for YOU! Besides it is Valentine’s season and no one can love you better than the girl who looks at you in the mirror everyday!

IMG_4296 (2)


1. Forgive Yourself : It’s easy to turn on the how-could-you-hurt-me song to turn the pain of a situation that has occurred in your life to someone else. However when you decide to self reflect, realize, and take self accountability for your own actions is when self maturity begins. Letting go of pain is very imperative to life to teach, let positivety back into your life, focus on other relationships, and ultimately improve your overall well being. No forgiveness is not always easy, but it is the final form of love however it is given to you.

2. Stand in front on the mirror in your birthday suit and say to yourself ” You are Beautiful”… and mean it! : Yes I said it and this is a must for every girl and woman. Society’s definition of beauty has made us want to shame our bodies. In the name of love, loving each and every part of you will allow you to open up the world with less insecurity. I’ve done it and when you do it for the first time, take a moment to say “you are beautiful.” It can be overwhelming in a beautiful way, but it was my birth of a new confidence.


3. Slip on a sexy bra and undies: I am addicted to all things bra and panties and I believe taking the time to pick out a bra and underwear, even when you are the only one to lay eyes on you in them, makes you feel that much prettier and a little sexy knowing you look damn good in your lacy cheekies!

4. You time 15 min before and after your day : Taking a little time to meditate, listening to a song to inspire you, read a book, or whatever your heart desires gives you love and the ability to receive it better. A little goes a long way.

5. Clean your vanity and gift your self a bouquet of your favorite flowers : I’ve done this once and it put a huge smile on my face. Taking the time to beautify your personal space and taking the time to pick out flowers just for you allows you to see how much you don’t need to wait for others to show appreciation to you. Do it yourself.

IMG_4278 (2)


6. Date your self : Many times we all get wrapped up in not having someone to take us out and show us a good time. You may feel like a fish out of water at first, but its OK. Take yourself to a movie, attend that weekly painting class, go listen to poetry, go to the beach, even take yourself out to eat. Enjoying the company of one’s self is fulfilling in and out of a relationship. You will learn to appreciate you and love that.


unnamed (26)

7. Clean Your House: Ever get caught with a surprise guest and your home is a wreck? That can be embarrassing and even worse, shows how much you care for your home. Home is where the heart is and taking the time to clean your home brings a sense of appreciation for what you have. Even giving your home a beautified look like a hotel is always great to do a couple of times of year.

8. Run yourself a bath, listen to your favorite songs, and read a great book : Taking the time for a bit of relaxation is often something we don’t spend enough time doing,( at least in my world). Relaxation is a must, no exceptions!

9. Spend a little more time getting dolled up : A little TLC never hurt no body! I do this probably more than usual, but taking pride in how you look when you step out the door is a reflection of you. Take a little more care to your makeup, add some curls to your usual straightened hair, put on a a flirty heel. Turn an extra head or two!

10. Create confident thoughts with affirmations and read them to yourself : Yes it’s a “Being Mary Jane” act, ( hit show on BET ), but it’s a very useful tool that keeps your life in perspective daily. Reminding yourself to keep going, to simply smile via a note on your wall, keeps your self-motivation going.




11. Sing Your Favorite Song : Yes, you are the Next American Idol within your four walls! We all want to let out our inner Whitney and Mariah it’ll bring you joy, guaranteed.

12. Treat Yourself to a Massage: This is a piece of advice I need to follow myself. I have never experienced a professional massage in a spa and I know it’s a treat that needs to be experienced and much appreciated. It’s a splurge that will not be regretted.


Casual Chic Valentine’s Look

Pink and red is the dress code for the week of cupid’s holiday and why not be festive and dress for the occasion. Whether you are single or not, there is always reason to celebrate love in your life where ever it may exist! Red just so happens to be my favorite color and pink just brings out the girl in me so I have no problem strutting around in these two lovely colors. To show your love during the day, here’s a look I pulled together. Unless you’re a lover of the dark side in your wardrobe, you should have some things in your closet you can pull together that are pink and/or red. This day time look will be great for lunch with the girls, a day at the office, out running errands, or whatever the day brings you even into the evening(as long as its not a date with your man). For myself I went the girly way and chose to be pretty in pink  with a comfy but fitted pencil skirt that is made of a knit stretch fabric along with a statement pearl tee. To bring in the color I jazzed it up with a pink bolero jacket I’ve had for years from Torrid and pink pumps to finish it off. It’s a look that will sure bring some love my way. So just be sure to show your outfit some Valentine’s love somewhere throughout the week.

What I’m Wearing: bolero jacket Torrid, tee Lane Bryant, skirt 6th & Lane by Lane Brant, pumps Torrid

Photography by Ge’bel Baucham for photograpahy by Tarik

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unnamed (6)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (7)

Cupid’s Curvy Secret : VDay Lingerie Guide

Hello ladies, its the official countdown to the sweetest day of the year. Some dread, some love, and some just don’t care but this is definitely an excuse to get some pretty  little lingerie right? As  a woman we all come across that moment in life where just going to the panty and bra section doesn’t suffice if you have a special someone. As a curvy girl this can be a little nerve wrecking, tedious and sometimes impossible to find something that doesn’t just look like a satin slip, that’s no fun. So to help you out I’ve rounded up some cute lingerie pieces from some of our go to brands. Please do use this guide even if you are single. Buying lingerie is fun and to also have apart of your wardrobe.  I must admit for me at this stage in my life I love lingerie it’s so cute and you can also where some lingerie pieces in your day time wardrobe like I used in my last post you just have to be creative, and always tasteful. Enjoy!


Chemises and Garter Sets

For those who want to just give a peekaboo and not bare it all there are some chemises that will do just that.


from left to right : top row, torrid,

bottom row,,

Bra and Panty and Garter Sets

For the girl who wants to bare it all in the sexiest way possible I’ve dug out some bra and garter sets that will definitely have you taking a double look in the mirror at even your self.

panty sets


left to right: top row

bottom row,, simplybe

One Piece, Robes, and Short Set

These one piece sets are for the relaxed girl who still wants to bring the sexy factor into the evening, even if it’s just for you to feel a little more beautiful while you sleep.


left to right:,,

bottom row Torrid