Forest Full of Green


I know, I know I don’t blog like I used to and I only have one excuse, life! I’ve gone through some slight changes in my life and the creative side of me is struggling to stay present. Little by little I’m getting inspired to bring back who I love to be! Here’s a look I pulled together for the current fall season! Here on the west coast , this heat wont let us Californians enjoy a season change. Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s a little cold. So I’ll you show how I manage this fall weather here! I love embracing the fashion of the fall. To the layering,  playing up different fabrics and textures, and to all the colors of the season. Nude color palettes are huge for the entire year in general and has made there way into the current season. This group of barely there yet neutral colors have shown how much they matter in fashion. Dark colors are also a hit to play up in the fall. So here’s a mix of the two. The holidays are quickly approaching and all the parties are hitting off. Stay tuned!

What I’m wearing:

Top by Forever 21

Skirt by Rebdolls

Shoes by Payless (Believe it or not!)



Photography by Tarik



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