Keep Calm and Carry On

Hello everyone! I know it has been a few months since I have posted here or on any of my other social media accounts. I decided to take a break to focus my energy on other things in my life, but all the while handling business I missed every creative part of me that I decided to put on hold. This blog is like my own child that I created and brought to life so I know that TMARIE STYLES couldn’t become non existent and I must carry it on! So here I am once again. On a another note, after being away for so long I had no idea where to began again! Where to be inspired from, how to express myself and how to get in front of a camera again. So I decided to not overthink everything and to let it all gel together again. There’s no inspiration just me being fashionable and creating something that I call beautiful. There’s a little leg, a little mid drift, some brown lip, and a new hair do! Thanks for still reading my blog. Here’s to the summer, lets make some memories!

shot by Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket hanging Artistry boutique

Top Forever 21

Skirt Forever 21

Heels Torrid

Earrings H&M

Lip Stick Dose of Colors “Chocolate Wasted”












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