Think Pink

It’s Breast Cancer Awarness month and as I’ve gotten older, though I haven’t directly been affected nor has anyone in my family, a close friend or someone else I might have know has. Cancer in general can be such a terrible disease when it takes over someone’s life. Today it is more important than ever for women both young and old to be aware of their bodies and to recieve mammograms regualary. I know we all can feel like we are invicible and will never become affected by breast cancer or any other form of cancer, but as I get older I have realized it only takes one diagnosis to change your life forever. Therefore, health has become just as and if not even more important than attaing other dreams and goals. I honor all women who have fallen victim to this disease and I honor all other women kicking breast cancer’s butt and have overcome the fight! It takes courage to live your life with grace after fighting  a tough battle! You all are celebrated this month!

On a more stylish note, I found the brightest pink wall I could find in LA to pay homage to all those fighting or have fought through breast cancer! Nothing says pink more than this wall and it’s so cute! Although it’s fall the summer just won’t let go here in Cali. With temperatures reaching tripple digits there’s no way I can grab a sweater, coat, scarf, or boot so I grabbed the cutest jumpsuit in my closet. This super cute piece is from Monif C, who has some of the most fashion forward designs in the plus size industry. This number falls nothing short of a statment piece from the cape and jumpsuit combo, to the electrifying blue this is definetly an eye catcher! I kept the statment going with the matching heels, high bun, and of course a geometric peal earring! I think I’m ready for a runway too!

What I’m Wearing:

Jumpsuit by Monif C

Heels by Torrid(not recently purchased)

earrings by Mode Plus

PinkWall (2 of 12)

PinkWall (7 of 12)

PinkWall (3 of 12)

PinkWall (6 of 12)

PinkWall (10 of 12)

PinkWall (4 of 12)

PinkWall (5 of 12)

PinkWall (11 of 12)

2 Comments on “Think Pink”

  1. This short jumpsuit with cape look so amazing on you. I love it. The bright pink wall makes it all come alive. Gorgeous!

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