Haute Plus Life Giveaway #TMarieStyles2

This is a month of celebration because my lovely blog is turning two years old! Its fashion’s greatest time of the year so adding TMarie Styles into the mix makes it all that much sweeter. I’ve decided to give one lucky follower a chance to win a piece from the fall collection of online boutique Haute Plus Life. Without the support of those of you out there near and far I wouldn’t be able to reach others through your word of mouth or be more inspired by the awesome messages I receive from strangers that instantly becomes friends through love. With each outfit beyond my love for fashion and art,  I am inspired by the live’s I am able to touch in the plus size community.

To enter into TMarie Styles Turns 2 Dress Giveaway follow these simple rules and one lucky winner will be chosen at random this time next week!

  1. Subscribe to my blog (hit follow below and enter in your email and confirm the message sent to you)
  2. Share contest banner with hashtag #TMarieStylesTurns2 ( located on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram)
  3. Good Luck!

To shop and other fabulous styles visit http://www.HautePlusLife.com

Accessories not recently purchased

Shot by Gebel Baucham for Photography by Tarik





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