Pumped Up Kicks

Can you believe I only own about two pairs of sneakers that I can actually wear casually and fashionably?! I’m the type of girl that needs to step her shoe game up in that area one day, but I do have a pair of classic Air Force 1’s. Knowing how girly I am, my significant other made me get a pair and actually wear them. I decided to keep the look sporty, a little sexy, simple, and, one of my favorite words, chic. The sexy comes from the halter top which would not normally be worn with a sneaker. All the other characteristics are in the skirt, hair and sneaker. I can easily switch out the shoe to a heel and give this look a completely different feel. Keeping my style close to who I am no matter which accessory, clothing item, hair style or shoe I choose to wear is the key to owning my personal style. Being that I can barely walk in a heel I should probably wear a sneaker but I don’t! However I love this look and would rock it anywhere.

What I’m Wearing:

top by Forever 21(not recently purchased)

skirt by Lane Bryant

shoes By Nike “Air Force Ones

watch by Invicta Watches

Shot by Ge’bel Baucham for photography by Tarik






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