Big Blue Skirt

Big, bold, beautiful, and blue! This skirt says all things plus chic which I love! Wearing color can be so invigorating for me and instantly makes me feel extremely vibrant. It’s not not the only thing I’m wearing for this look, however it was my inspiration for bringing everything else together. The slightly high low tea length, clean pleats, raw cut hem, and fabric were the first characteristics of the skirt that drew me to the check out line. I love to find a piece of fashion that entails different design details that you know you can wear over and over again. I am a girl of details first and lastly the fashion/trends elements that will catch the eye of the usual shopper first. My halter bodysuit top is one I’ve owned for some time now from Forever 21. In my head it goes with everything! Luckily it worked out just fine. So in closing I’ll just call this look the “Big, Blue, Bold Look” enjoy!

What I’m Wearing: top Forever 21, Skirt Mode Plus, shoes Sheik

Shot by Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik






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