Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl…

Who doesn’t love a free flowing and stylish outfit? Most of all no Spanx needed to suck it all in, just let it all flow and no one has to know! I still feel sexy just being naturally me while staying true to my style. I’ve never been the “curvy” girl to wear all things big and flowing. Hiding my body is not apart of me. It actually feels a little odd yet cool to wear super loose and flowing garments. When I do I make sure I stay true to my style by adding elements of me, otherwise I wouldn’t want to rock it! Here I am wearing nothing new just some things pasted down to me, found, or that I’ve owned for a while. I kept my body shape in mind when styling myself which I think most plus size girls look past. Their immediate thought is if it covers my stomach and it fits loose then my stomach is hidden and it looks flat. Sometimes you can actually look larger that what you actually are by putting on huge clothing, also considering the fact that the length of the top and/or bottom will be too long for you. So always dressing for your body shape will ensure that you easy breezy flowing outfit will look fabulous on you!

Photography by Gebel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

unnamed (3)


unnamed (5)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (2)


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