Just Add Water

We are 24 days away from the first day of summer and if you haven’t started loading up on swimwear you better start right now! Plus size swim wear has endless options that has me swooning over just about every swim collection and piece I see! From floral, animal and even food prints no girl with curves should be running for the shade this summer. I’ve tallied up my favorites that I’ve seen so far to guide you to the right one or two to fit your style. Global warming will give you all the reason to not want to stay out of the water or away from that swim party and I guarantee I will have you warmed up and hitting the water or pool side in style!

I’ll share a moment of truth with you all. I have recently gained twenty pounds and I have just wanted to curl under all things that cover me up. Yes I have always been a body positive person but I also believe in being healthy. Looking in the mirror I started to not like the body I seen looking back at me. Insecurities started coming into my mind and I had to start speaking daily positive words to myself and act on getting back to the old me. I’m still on the road to getting back positive but I’m remembering to love this two hundred and something pound body even when I put on some weight, even when things look a little out of place. With the summer right over the horizon I refuse to be the girl back in her teen years covering up in eighty plus degree weather! I will continue to purchase all, well try to, the bikinis and swim wear I want and they will be worn! I hope you gals do the same and don’t wait on that fifteen pounds to shed to put on the cute swim suit do it NOW! That’s how you get bikini body ready!

I’ll start with the one piece that we were originally stuck with but these are one another level of fun, flirt, and sexy!


top row: forever 21(first three), torrid. bottom row: torrid(first two). pinup girl clothing, mod cloth


rue 21( first two), pinup girl clothing



Now on to bearing our mid drifts. These are cute, colorful, sexy, and did I mention sexy!



left to right: Forever 21, Torrid, Nakimuli, Mod Cloth, Torrid, Mod Cloth, Rue 107



Forever 21(first three), Rue 107

Food Prints


Forever 21, Rue 107(last two)

Solid Colors


Addition Elle, Forever 21, Simply Be

The last but not least, cover ups! If you want to be a little modest are just cover up for a little while, do it in style!

coverup1All Jibri!

coverup 1

Forever 21(first two), Addition Elle, Simply Be, Addition Elle

Now, Just Add Water!

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