My Tulle Series

Let’s talk tulle!  Of course they are originally used for ballerinas, but we everyday girls couldn’t help adding them to our closets too. Marie Taglioni was the first to set the tutu trend with her white layered skirt in 1832. The skirts were originally designed so dancers could have more freedom to move around on stage while performing. The colors and style options are endless now which makes me want them even more! Rocking them your own own way makes them chic and fun for any age. No matter your style or size there’s one out there for you. To give you a better visual here are three different ways to style a tulle skirt, better known as a “tutu”. I had so many style options it was hard for me to narrow them down to just three. The skirts are also year ’round friendly so for me, it’s a smart investment piece.

When purchasing a tulle skirt there are some factors I really consider before making one my own. Although you may see these tulle skirts everywhere nowadays, if you want to make a good purchase and invest in a good skirt, quality should be your very first factor. You want your skirt to be made from the best possible tulle, with at least eight layers, to also have a lining as foundation along with waist band being sewn into the skirt. Execution is also an important factor. With all of these details in place, you will have a fabulous skirt!

what I’m wearing: Tulle skirt from designer Magic 1668.

Look one: Top by local boutique not recently purchased, heels by Torrid

Look two: Top by Lane Bryant shoes thrifted

Look three: Top from Walgreens ( cut to create a crop top) heels by Torrid

photography by: Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik










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