Suit, No Tie, Black and White

Pulling from menswear is a classic in women’s wear, originating from Coco Chanel herself.  I personally love embracing menswear styles because they give me a sense of edge, power, and androgyny. Since it is Women’s History month, I wanted to celebrate the fact that we have come a long way. We as women were not even allowed to wear pants in the working environment and at school until the early 1970’s. A small but very important stage in the growth of women in the United States, pants today are very much apart of a woman’s daily wardrobe, although I love to slip into a dress any day! It’s interesting for me to see how sexy putting on a pair of slacks with a button down shirt, a blazer or vest with a push up bra, and stilettos can make you feel. I love to take reference from Janet Jackson back in the early 2000’s when she rocked her sexy menswear ensemble in her “I Get So Lonely” video. Such a timeless look I must say. For my look, I grabbed similarly patterned slacks and a vest and brought them to life with simple accessories. This can be pulled off during a day at the office with a different heel and after work for a little winding down.

What I’m Wearing: vest Thrift Store, slacks Lane Bryant, shirt NY & Company, coat Donna Karen,shoes Smash Shoes, watch  by Invicta

photography by Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

unnamed (2)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (1)

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