Cupid’s Curvy Secret : VDay Lingerie Guide

Hello ladies, its the official countdown to the sweetest day of the year. Some dread, some love, and some just don’t care but this is definitely an excuse to get some pretty  little lingerie right? As  a woman we all come across that moment in life where just going to the panty and bra section doesn’t suffice if you have a special someone. As a curvy girl this can be a little nerve wrecking, tedious and sometimes impossible to find something that doesn’t just look like a satin slip, that’s no fun. So to help you out I’ve rounded up some cute lingerie pieces from some of our go to brands. Please do use this guide even if you are single. Buying lingerie is fun and to also have apart of your wardrobe.  I must admit for me at this stage in my life I love lingerie it’s so cute and you can also where some lingerie pieces in your day time wardrobe like I used in my last post you just have to be creative, and always tasteful. Enjoy!


Chemises and Garter Sets

For those who want to just give a peekaboo and not bare it all there are some chemises that will do just that.


from left to right : top row, torrid,

bottom row,,

Bra and Panty and Garter Sets

For the girl who wants to bare it all in the sexiest way possible I’ve dug out some bra and garter sets that will definitely have you taking a double look in the mirror at even your self.

panty sets


left to right: top row

bottom row,, simplybe

One Piece, Robes, and Short Set

These one piece sets are for the relaxed girl who still wants to bring the sexy factor into the evening, even if it’s just for you to feel a little more beautiful while you sleep.


left to right:,,

bottom row Torrid

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