Curvy Girls Sweat Too!

The days where curvy girls are afraid to hit the gym in skin tight workout gear and/or bright colors are long gone. When I was younger and in my high school days, I used to hide under large t-shirts and sweat pants. You wouldn’t catch me  anywhere today with that on! I’ve reached a confident place where I no longer care who is looking at me. I love wearing bright colors and fitted gear because it’s overall more comfortable and I feel free. Wouldn’t we all want to get away with wearing cute, comfy workout clothes every day for every occasion? I know at times I wish I could. I LOVE shopping for workout clothes. I have my go to brands that I stick to for certain workout gear. It’s not easy finding the right fit for a curvy girl to workout in. If you’re like me, you might have even gone through having to wear TWO sports bras so that your girls wouldn’t hit you in the face while you attempted a jumping jack! I’m a size 40DDD bra and I was determined to find a sports bra that would come to the a busty girl’s rescue and I did! Lane Bryant’s bra’s are all heaven sent and their sports bra is amazing. I’m wearing the under wire high impact bra, which gives you amazing support and your bust a good shape without looking smashed down. I get most of my workout pants from Old Navy they are great and last long. My shoes, besides being cute, are comfy and give me that extra cushion that I need. Here’s a little tip when shopping for workout shoes look for comfort, cushion in the sole, and I always like to go up a least a half size for sock room and to prevent the shoe from rubbing up against my ankles.

So for accessories I have this super cool watch that does more the just tell time. It’s called a Pebble Smart Watch and has great features such as connecting to your smart phone with blue tooth, receiving notifications such as texts and emails and most importantly your music can be controlled too! It’s also water resistant so you can do your water aerobics, take a shower and wash your hands all while it’s still on. Sleek, functional, and cute! Lastly my head band is one I found and is amazing, it doesn’t slide off and its cute!

What I’m Wearing: top, bra, & socks Lane Bryant, bottoms Old Navy, shoes Nike Air Max 2015, head band Marika Headband with no slip grip, watch Pebble Smart

Photogrphy by: Ge’bel Baucham (

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