A Look at TMARIE Styles in 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR I hope that everyone had a great holiday. Mines was non stop chaos and I was unable to post as I planned  for the best time of the year but I’m back to serve you with fresh new style and tips that will inspire your possibly new you for the new year. First I want to take a look  back at a couple of past moments from 2014 that were my favorites. I love taking a look back into the past even if its just a few short months, a year or even more because it makes you reflect on life and how much you’ve grown. For me I see how much I have actually been a little more consistent with my blogging and that I produced my first short video and how I have so much more work to do. I give myself a pat on my back knowing that I did do well because I don’t do that so often and I’m proud of me. This also fuels me to keep going and getting better at life. What did you reflect on in 2014? Also what are your favorite looks from TMARIE styles in 2014?







Tat happy swimsuit (1)




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