Voque’d It!

Yep, it is so! Vogue has proven that they are seeing curvy models and that we are fashion too. I’m loving this lingerie shoot  featuring models Tara Lynn, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine , Marquita Spring and Inga Eiridottir. I wouldn’t want it any other way raw, unedited, natural, and apologetically real women. These women stood together on set gracing their beauty and I must say to me this is better that Kim K breaking the internet yesterday ! As much as I love to promote body acceptance and positivity, it felt so good to look a these images published raw and unedited, gracing their mostly unseen stretch marks, cellulite, and tummy rolls. It brought a huge smile across my face and gives me that much more confidence to keep loving all of me because they are the depiction of beauty in Vogue! and look just like me! In an article entitled ” Give me a D! Give me an F! Because Bras Comes in All Shapes and Sizes”, fashion editor Jorden Bickham talks about how finding the most important unseen garment on a woman’s body should take a new turn to putting a little extra effort or being pretty into the process. After all boobs do go through enough, they deserve pretty touches too! They were displayed Flawlessly!

catch the full article here: http://www.vogue.com/4059451/lingerie-bras-for-all-sizes/


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