Miss Plus Top Model

Last night I attended the Miss Plus Top Model Competition of LA and I was excited to get a feel for what this event was all about. For about two years I have heard about the competition and knew it was centered around plus size models. As I walked in, there were lights, camera, action, and runway ready models everywhere. I also ran into a couple of model and industry friends. Of course I was there to get the scoop on the fashions coming down the runway and to also see the full figured beauties grace the stage. Soon the models were introduced and the first segment began, which was the “Project Runway” segment. Each model had to model a self created outfit that was made of trash bags! Yes, this was interesting to see and very creative. Many of the designs were great, over the top, and edgy. I couldn’t believe they were made of nothing more than trash bags. One that caught my eye in particular was an amazing piece worn by contestant Danielle that had a crop top with caged details. It also had a flowing long skirt and pleated cape. I was amazed at the detail work displayed using only a trash bag as the fabric. The second segment was one that I hold dear to thine heart, evening wear! Each contestant graced the stage in designs by Strut Bridal. They were all beautiful, however my favorite look was Charvelle Holder. She wore a pink gown, that was encrusted with jewels down the center and styled with drop earrings and her hair set off the look with a finger wave that instantly gave her a glamorous look reminiscent of old Hollywood. The third segment featured silver dresses individually designed by a stylist and tailored to each of the contestants’ personal style. This was also the last segment. It was now time to honor each contestant with an award and most importantly crown the 2015 Miss Plus Top Model! The two runner ups, Danielle and Charvelle, were called to the front of the stage. As they eagerly awaited to see who would be this year’s winner, tension rose in the room. To lighten the mood, more awards were handed out to other contestants. Afterwards, the moment each guest and two remaining contestants were waiting for, the 2015 winner of Miss Plus Top Model was crowned. It was the fabulous Charvelle Holder! She was filled with excitement and almost shed  tears from her happiness. This competition was inspiring and fun! Yes, pretty can hurt at times, but there are also women who show that beauty is also self love, body acceptance, fierceness, and grace at any size! Not many know that pageant based competitions are extended to the curvy woman, but this and many other curvy movements are making their way into the spotlight! I just may consider this as something to try next year. Congratulations to this year’s winner Charvelle Holder!




Miss South Bay Plus America 2015 Scheryl  Chavalier and I.


Contestant before she was crowned model Charvelle Holder


(left to right)  plus size model Sena Moon, Miss Plus Top Model Contestant, Sandy Phillipe of Evolution of Curves, and plus size Model Nancy Ramirez


plus size model and 2015 Ms Rock Your Curves Norva Michelle


The calm before the show!


Grab Bags!


2014 Miss Plus Top Model winner Joanne Rallo before she hands over her title to the next winner!


Contestant Amanda Stone showing off her design during the Project Runway Segment


Contestant Dee DeLa Cruz can you believe its all just a trash bag! Fierce!


Now this is what you call creative, and of course she won for this segment!


Contestant Charvelle Holder strutting her stuff!


A contestant gracing the runway in a design by Strut Bridal!


Last nights runner up wearing another gown by Strut Bridal


Contestant and last nights winner Charvelle Holder she looked a-mazing!


The 2014 Miss Plus Top Model Joanne Rallo once more.


Another contestant during the last segment.


All the contestants and host right before the winner was called.



The last two standing, who will take the crown??


and the winner is Charvelle Holder!


Her first walk as Miss Plus Top Model!



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