Its My 1Year Blogiversary!!

Today marks one year that I have started my blog! I am uber excited for today! I know its not a big deal for many of you but for me its something I can celebrate and look back on and share my experiences so far. Since I have began blogging, this has turned into much more than a hobby and more so  something that I love and a platform where I can share my fashion insight to my followers who appreciate and use in it their daily lives. I have also inspired many people. I didn’t even realize something as small a bold move to wear a crop top or just expressing myself through personal style could inspire someone to raise their self confidence.The texts, phone calls and messages that I have received from many over the past year has been humbling to say the least because I was simply expressing myself in my truest form and all the while I was an inspiration for someone. This has now now given me a new perspective on what I have started and is much bigger than me. I have a job to turn my ideas of creativity into avenues that I hope to open doors for others and myself, as others have done for me before I started. So far creating and being the face behind has been fun, a growing experience, opened new doors, and has me looking forward to many more great moments! I want to say thank you to those who support me close and far. This little place means a lot to me and I hope to bring many others along with me in the futre!

I want to give a special thank you to the photographers Raven Smith and Ge’bel Bachaum behind the lens of tmariestyles that I have worked with in my first year.You two are awesome!

Here’s some of my favorite moments!

curve silhouettes












Tat happy swimsuit (1)





Fashionably Yours,

Tai’Tiana Jackson

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