Back to Business, Sorta

The summer is winding down and I have to admit I’m sad. I have been on vacation mode and I have to get back to business slowly but surely. So getting back to the basics with classics will ease the pain of getting back so serious again! Of course I’m gonna do it as stylish as possible on all occasions. My little ruffle mini usually sits in my closet and I barely put it to use so I decided to go ahead and pair it with something that I love the most, pearls. Black and white are of course the basic colors of the world and also classic. When all else fails, pairing a black and white outfit together of any style choice will do the trick of tying it all together and also looking polished. Coco Chanel started it all decades ago and it still works today. Mac’s fabulous cyber lipstick brought in the sultry look along with my unusually tamed and sleek pony tail. I think I’m starting to like the idea of going back to school, work, and all things business

Photo Credit: Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

What I’m Wearing: pearl sweater Old Navy, skirt Torrid, midi heels Ashley Stewart, lipstick MAC Cyber, earrings Thrift Store, brooch Francesca’s Collection, purse Thrifted


unnamed (2)



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