The Highs and the Lows

This is definitely a relaxed look for my style, but I always have to have some flare when I put on any piece of clothing. This top from Philthy Ragz boutique was a great buy, and I also modeled it in a fashion show earlier this year. The high low crop top definitely brought some dramatic flare to the relaxed feel. My wide-leg pants from Glamour Girl Boutique, located here in LA, caught my eye when I peeped them hanging in my mothers closet. I had to show them off to you all, even if they aren’t mines (yet). I felt like walking around with no shoes on and being one with the earth, but we all know the LA streets or any street for that matter are not made to do so!

So just like I did, you can definitely wear a wide leg pant. I know, I know, you probably think because you have big thighs that it will only make them look bigger. The key to wearing a wide leg pant it knowing your body type and also where the waist fits. Sometimes the trick is wearing a high-cut waist, wide-leg pant  which will accentuate the waist and continue the flare from the waist down to elongate your mid section. Go ahead and try them! How do you wear yours?

What I’m Wearing: top by Philthy Rags, pants by Glamour Girl Boutique, necklace by Ashley Stewart








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