Back Street Views Breaking Fashion Rules



Having your own sense of style comes with just going with wearing what freely flows with how you feel. As I get older and I’m growing into having a sense of self, I have a more free mind. I really dont care what others think of me and it gives my heart a warm feeling and a sense of freedom. I also have grown and evolved. I of course, have my signature style but I also allow my myself to grow more into what I define it to be and allow what wants to flow to do so. I channel this into other areas of my life to allow myself to grow as a woman with my personal life and career life. This was my inspiration for this outfit, not much thought just fun and what I felt to be basically what I felt to be comfortable, giving off a summer vibe and chic. This all still channels  Tai’Tiana’s style just a little different and fashion fashion-forward.


What Im wearing : top H&M, pants Lane Bryant, shoes Torrid, sunglasses Forever 21, earrings Forever 21









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