Shop 1323

One of my goals as a personal style blogger is to expose local boutique’s to my readers that I come across that are awesome. Shop 1323, which is located in Inglewood, my home town by the way, is one great one I’ve come across lately. I walked in the the boutique one day while doing some shooting and introduced my self to owner Kenya  and took a look at her chic, very cute and cozy boutique. She also has an exclusive denim bar that you can bring your old jeans t, to be recreated into something new, refreshed, and fashion forward such as a distressed look an cut out detail.She is new to providing plus size clothing and has some amazing pieces that will definitely bring some curvy customers her way very soon! I did a little Q & A to get a little fill in on her insight of the fashion industry and to get to know what Shop1323 is all about!

1. What inspired you to open your own boutique?

I worked in boutiques during my undergrad years in Atlanta. During that experience the seed was planted to own my own boutique some day.

2. What experience do you have I the fashion industry aside from owning your boutique so far?

I worked in several boutiques. I was recruited by Macy’s Management Trainee Program after graduating from CAU. I worked as a dept manager for 3 years. Then I moved on to work for BCBG as a Store Manager for 3 years.

3. What is your take on the plus size industry expanding and being more accepted in the mass fashion industry?

The Plus Size market is a very important segment of the business. Boutique owners who do no cater to this market will not survive long.

4. What is the the typical customer of shop 1323?

My typical customer is fashion forward, sexy but not provocative. 60% of my customers wear between large to 2X. She loves denim & accessories!

5. Describe your personal style?

My personal style is laid back, sexy & on trend. I love designer brands but I like to mix name brands and no names.

6. What trends are you predicting to be the top of the spring/summer season?

Crop tops are still going strong, pencil skirts, distressed denim and knit dresses in crazy colors & prints will be big this Spring/Summer.




I also had a chance to try on a few of her pieces and they all looked great!






located at 1323 N. La Brea Ave Inglewood CA 90302 stop by soon!


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