Color Shift

The season of color YES! Shapes and color played a part in creating this outfit. I was inspired by a photo I saw of someone wearing two bright colors and this led to my little creation. This fuchsia asymmetrical dress has been in my closet for ages and I constantly think of new ways to wear it so pairing it with this tangerine blazer gave it new life. I also decided to post this outfit to show how wearing shift dresses are attainable with a fuller and/or curvy  figure. I am curvy, so when wearing these dresses, I know that I still have to pay attention to my under garments because that does play a part in how the dress falls on my body. I also have to know what type of shoes I choose to wear. I don’t want to look like a sheet is draping over my body which causes me to look un-poised so wearing a heel is more than likely a better choice when wearing a shift dress to pull you up and also give your body some length. Overall, let flow and be beautiful! Happy Spring!


What I’m Wearing: blazer Forever 21, dress Mode Plus, shoes Torrid, brooch Forever 21, purse Aldo










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