What to Wear Now! My Style Spring Trend Report

The spring season is here and it is one of everything new, refreshed, bright, and in the fashion world another excuse to update our wardrobe right?! Well I have all the new news of the trends that walked down the runways and on to the streets of us every day fashionistas who dare to be fashion forward, or just need a little tweaking. From personal styles, colors, accessories, and all the details, here’s what I’ve pulled together to hopefully help you out.


Think of this style as abstract art saying everything with nothing at all in a chic way. Confusing right? Less is more with the minimalist trend that is rising this spring. The key to perfecting this look is sticking to one or two color palette’s at the most which are neutral, minimal jewelry, no pops of color, and allowing the silhouettes of your garments to become the statements of your look. Hair should be natural yet strong in style and makeup should do the talking through strong natural appearance. This is a natural style element of designers such as Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham who have perfected over the years, and is for the girl/ guy who knows how to naturally pull pieces together that have a strong presence and speak through style. Easy to pull of, yet it takes a certain style maven to perfect it!






#Geographical Prints

Prints continue to take ride in trending with the spring season, however a little switch up on their origin take a new popularity. Prints from around the world came sashaying down the runway and easily to the street style of many. Several cultural prints mixing and matching are in full bloom.  You  can rock them traditionally, using your unique style, adding it to a chic pencil skirt,  or put them all over . I don’t give a rule to this style, however understanding how to style prints is like a form of art to master it right, just keep it cultural.





# Art Pop

Becoming a walking art piece will definitely draw the eye in and make you a conversation piece this spring. designers such as Prada, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Celine took inspiration from artists to translate their designs with graffiti prints  and street murals give their collections that abstract look. To pull of this look into the Spring or to change up your personal style find inspiration from your favorite artist or become and give him or her a node into your dress, coat or even pants. Pops of color and your own distinct creation will tie it all together.

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#Shine Bright

Metallic speak to the girl side in us that love all things shimmery and stylish side in that want to be bold. This spring and summer calls for a touch of shine in our wardrobe. This is a fad that rises and falls and tends to generally come around definitely in the holiday season but that are expected to make a chic impression now. No need to wait until the night falls of for a special occasion, bring the fancy to your casual even with silk fabrics or a brocade. Shine On!

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#Good Sport

Calling all tom boys or just a casual say with a  some lipstick and a pump. Sport inspirations seems to have made a come back from some years back. designers are getting into the game of mixing chic with sneakers or gym staples with a pair of heels. This casual lux feel I’m sure will be popular this spring. Who wouldn’t want to get away with a pair of sweat pants and heels at a girls night out!





In the Details

#color story


My Top 3 Predictions




#blood orange






Separates and others







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