Little, Black and a Dress

I spotted this dress at Forever 21  for only $14.00 and thought immediately I need this little black thing in my life because I can do so much with it. Remember the little black dress I mentioned in my basic necessities for your wardrobe post? This is one that is very versatile and definitely a must have. I wasn’t quite sure how to style it so I just started playing around and this look came to life. I ended up putting a goth chic look to this dress to show that you don’t have to be so simple as just sliding on a pair of heels and calling it a day. You can actually take a very simple dress and make it into your own no matter what your style is. This look can be worn to a party, a event and depending on what type of girl you are, kinda like m,e you can just rock this in your every day look! Hope this style idea helps to inspire your looks with your little black dresses. How do you style your little black dress? tag me on instagram and facebook to share the style love!

What I’m Wearing: dress Forever 21, accessories Forever 21, shoes Torrid





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