Fashion Shoot With Merciful Photography

Earlier this month I had the honor of shooting with the amazing team of Merciful Photography and wardrobe styling myself as well! I was ubber excited to work with their team because for months I seen her work and knew that she was great and could produce great work with me. The concept for the shoot was winter and all I knew in my head I envisioned a scene of outdoor winter standing in a snow setting in soft tones and warm pieces. Then end result had some some of my ideas and a combination of what the photographer had in mind also. I loved 99.9% of the images and it was extremely hard for me to choose the images that I wanted to share. On the styling end, I came up lucky with with my wardrobe because majority of the pieces that I used were either mine or belonged to the women in my family, who I am thankful have great clothes I take all the time haha! This was also my first time to actually professionally play out my role as an onset wardrobe stylist outside of being an intern or  an assistant, so I took the opportunity as full control. The gown, which I am not ashamed to say, is my prom dress which I am glad still fits me and is a little loose! I have loved that gown since the day it was made so I had to have it captured in all its beauty one last time. The fur coat belongs to my grandmother that I kinda had to beg to get out of her possession for 24 hours. So here are some images that I love the most and were shared by the photographer her self.

Photo Credit: Merciful Photography

Make Up: Lyrica Wafer

Wardobe styling: Tai’Tiana Jackson










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