My 12 Basic Necessities For Your Wardrobe

A lot of women go through their drawers and stand in front of their closets daily thinking ” What the hack do I put on!”, I still do that too. However their are staples that every girl should have in her wardrobe that will guarantee a great outfit no matter what her style is. For starters that are wanting to rebuild her wardrobe or for the girl who has too much of everything, this is a little guide that will help you along your fashion forward way.

1. The White Shirt

This shirt has stood through the test of time and is a classic. Women and men both need this basic button down blouse that ban be paired with a skirt, shirt, dress and so on. Your shirt doesn’t have to be so basic if you don’t want it can fit your style and be as unique as you, but just make sure you have this clean white, crisp top in you closet!



2. A Skin Toned Cami

These are like the modern day undergarments that come in handy when you need some coverage under a cute sheer top or an added layer of clothing. I personally had to learn that there were a definite necessity after a couple of wardrobe malfunctions. Even if you don’t wear them often, keep them stored away in your drawer you will definitely need a tank. Also stock up on them in several different colors.


3. LBD

” One is Never over-dress or undressed in a Little Black Dress” – Karl Lagerfeld

Thanks to Coco Chanel revolutionizing the little black dress, everyone woman should know to have one of these. Whether you need to go to an interview, church service, a quick party, or just want to pull on something quick, having a little black dress is essential. You can take a simple black dress and take it from day to night, simple to over the top, casual to evening and its all in the matter of styling it. I have one simple one that I can were conservatively and chic, and another that I can be simply sexy and styled in infamously different ways. The point is, is that black is a classic color and a simple dress can be like a clean board to create whatever you may please.



4. Black Pumps

There is nothing like a sleek pair of perfect black pumps. Black goes with everything right?, so a black pump can be that accessory that pulls an entire outfit together. This is another classic that a woman should have, and even should have been here first pair of heels. Taking yourself from business to chic, a black pump will be that shoe that you will always need.



5. Ballet Flats

They are used for more that just dancing, they are comfy, cute, and one of my favorite shoes! For that girl who can’t stand the pain of a heel and even for those who don’t mind, these cute shoes will have your feet planted to the ground in several different colors and styles.



6. Black Blazer

I love Coco Chanel for putting these on the map for a woman’s wardrobe. The blazer is my ultimate favorite item in my closet. This sets the tone for any outfit to give it a more tailored look. For a woman who works day to day in an office environment to a woman who is able to dress as freely as she likes, the black blazer is a staple for a good wardrobe.



7. Leggings

We all love them and by now they are like bras and panties, you feel weird without them right? Depending on your style and body type you can wear them as a bottom paired with a cute top and so on, and/or you can pair them with a tunic, dress, and so on. Either way every girl needs a pair of black leggings, their simple, comfy, and easy to pull off.


8. Trench Coat

This go to jacket is everything a girl needs wrapped into on. It’s not too heavy or light. Its also a neutral color that goes with every color. The trench coat has also evolved into a coat that has been redesigned into different silhouettes that are chic and also edgy.



9. The Every Day Jean

Jeans are apart of the American Culture and has evolved from being just for cowboys, hipsters, a trend in the 60’s and 70’s to a definite must for everybody today. Having a pair of jeans, preferably a dark rinse, will transfer into an everyday wardrobe from dressy to casual. There are many different cuts such as boot cut, straight, skinny, jegging, to low rise, fitted waist, high waist, boyfriend and so on. What ever style suits you find it and purchase several that can be worn as an everyday jean.



10. The Scarf

The scarf is another essential because it can very versatile. I can play as a head wrap,  bandeau, and simply as the scarf this it is originally made to be, wrapped around the neck. A scarf serves as an extra garment piece that takes an outfit to the next level. Today there are several different scarves that are made it different fabrics and styles that can be appealing to any eye.






11. The Suit

Yes, this is important even to a woman’s wardrobe. Having this will ensure that you are always ready to be in any situation that occurs. The suit today is not so mediocre, it can also be very fashion forward. Janelle Monae for example has made “the suit” her trade mark and always looks great in her look. It makes you feel powerful yet chic.





12. The Wrap Dress

This is an item I think, that many people look over to be such a great piece that needs to be in your wardrobe as well. The wrap dress for one is always able to shape it self to any body shape and flatter your body. It does not have any strong style lines, therefore it flows to your body. It is also a dress that suits any dress code situation that you need it to.






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