A Look Into My Recent Past

Happy New Year! Its been a short while since I have began blogging and I can say it is fun, time investing, and has open my world up into great things. My whole point in starting this blog was to express my personal style to all of you and to help brand myself into becoming a stylist. There’s so much more growing that I plan to do within tmariestyles and with myself personally to become bigger and better! I have projects that I’m working on that are in my brain and in the actual works and I can’t wait to share. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been rocking with me through my blog since day one and everyone who is has joined along the way!.Even though I’m a “newbie”  to the blogging world I still have some looks that I can look back at over these past short three months and say I really worked it honey! So here’s my top five looks and moments of 2013 that I personally like the most. I would love to connect with you all so leave some comments and let me know what you like about my blog so far and if you have one share the love! P.S. please subscribe so you can get my update’s when there fresh off the press!

1.”Werk” After 5


2. Allow Me to Introduce Myself



3. First Runway Show


4. Black and White No Tie Affair


5. Faux Elements Fierce Elegance


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