Litte Black Dress

Wardrobe 101, every girl needs a little black dress in her closet because a little sexy and styling mixed together can create a great look. Its that time of the year when parties and events are happening every weekend and having a little black dress tucked in the back of your closet will do the trick. A this was tucked right in the back of my closet from over a year ago of impulse shopping knowing that I had no where to go in it ( and I still don’t) but I’m making some use of it. This vintage inspired silhouette is right for any special occasion. I decided to make it a little functional and funky with my “fuax” Valentino mid heels! Sexy and comfort put all into one look, that doesn’t come across together so often. Hopefully this outfit will spark a party invite! No seriously though! I’m also modeling my mother’s ornaments from Diamonds & Pearls Ornaments.

What I’m Wearing: dress by Torrid, shoes by Torrid, earrings from a Thrift Store.








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