The Cape Tati’s Way

The fall is in fool bloom and I’m loving it. Laying and wearing over sized garments can be something that curvy girls tend to turn away from because they think that it  makes them appear larger than what they are and/or they don’t know how to style an over sized tunic or a cape. I admit this can be tricky, but the trick is just allowing what ever the over sized cut is be what it is and play it  to your “shape”, don’t think of your size it always confines you. You can also use accessories such as a belt and cinch your waist with an over sized coat, dress, or whatever it iS. Using a cute belt to cinch the waist with over sized coats IS a trend of this fall that you can play up into a full on outfit. With this cape I’ve had for about a year know, I will rock it as it is or style it as I’m doing here. I’m still able to show off my shape with an over sized amazing cape. 

 What I’m Wearing; cape Torrid, jeans Torrid Stilleto Jean , heels torrid, socks Dollar Tree, earrings Forever 21,belt Vintage










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