Plaid Perfection

First and foremost I want to apologize for not blogging lately, I’ve been without internet connection but I’m back!It’s the fall and I love to embrace everything about this time of the year. The colors, the outwear, layering, and overall just being able to play up different pieces together without worrying about the heat! Out here in Cali you never know what to expect from day to day so I’m able to put some fall pieces together paired pieces to keep me cool at the same time. I love this skirt that I purchased from Ashley Stewart  about four years ago that I rarely wear. There are so many ways to style this skirt. I decided to let it stand as a statement piece alone and just be rather minimalist. When I shop, I shop for rational reasons, such as for pieces that I feel will add value to my wardrobe. I feel like its a waste to buy pieces that are just cute, or on a major sale promotion but something that will stay around, has style and can stay in my closet for some years to come. This skirt is one of those and is an all around piece and just so happens to be on “trend alert” for all you trendy girls take note! I however don’t necessarily go for trends but for what ever I feel like wearing!


What I’m wearing: top Lerner’s New York, skirt Ashley Stewart, heels Bakers, socks H&M










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