P.S. Yes We Have A Body Type Too!

Hello my loves! Happy new year, Happy Valentines Day, and all the above! I’ve been gone since late last year and I decided to finally make an appearance and bring along a fellow blogger friend. The topic of body type I  believe is important when discussing fashion in the plus size world. The rest of the world doesn’t know this but plus size isn’t a body type or shape its a size category. Therefore this topic on how to dress according to your “curvy” body type is a important one to visit. For starters, knowing your body type is always important when dressing yourself. Hourglass, pear shape, straight, apple and inverted triangle are the identifiable body types and knowing your shape will help you to enhance what I call your asset’s your best. Most women want to identify with the hour glass figure but fail to realize that she may not have that shape and while dressing like so, can do your body no justice even when you are plus size aka curvy! So this is the start of my guide to dressing  your body for you regardless of your beautiful body shape. I have a hourglass figure and I stand 5’9 inches tall. My body is full in the the bust, hip, and thigh areas.I love my body type and I also know what works and does not work for me. Unfortunately the days of ever wearing a top with no bra will probably never come but that’s ok! My blogger friend Neerellyn of SheIsCelestial.com has a pear shape figure and is 5’2 inches tall! Her fuller areas are her hips and derriere. She in turns has a narrow torso. Our bodies are kind of the opposite in terms in height and slightly in shape. So here are some pointers on how to rock some pieces according to your body.

Neerellyn’s Blog : sheiscelestial.wordpress.com

Photography by Gebel for Photography by Tarik




The Midi Skirt

Rocking a midi skirt can never go wrong no matter your height or weight.Just always add length to your legs while the skirt does the rest. If your are short bring the height in by wearing a heel with height and if you are tall, a heel or flat will be just fine. The skirt hits below the knee and therefore keeping in mind that most of your leg will not show will keep you in tact.





My look:

Top Philthy Ragz,Skirt No name Store,Vest Forever 21,Shoes Payless and Brooch Forever 21

Neerllyn Look:

Tee & Skirt Rebdolls, Jacket Boohoo, heels and clutch Torrid

The Jumpsuit

Okay this is most loved but tricky one! There are so many cuts to jumpsuits to make you look flawless. I own so many it’s like my little black dress, ha! In this particular blog we chose fitted and wide leg in terms of leg fit. For my height I know I can get away with a flared leg along with playing up my asset’s of a fuller bust. I have them so hey why not! Overall the jumpsuit elongated my legs and showed off my girls nicely. Neerllyn hugged all her curves and gave a cold shoulder with the cut out shoulder details. This jumpsuit gave her short frame an elongated look with her pumps.


My Look: Jumpsuit and Accessories from Forever 21

Neerellyn’s look: Jumpsuit & Necklance Boohoo, heels from Target

Forest Full of Green


I know, I know I don’t blog like I used to and I only have one excuse, life! I’ve gone through some slight changes in my life and the creative side of me is struggling to stay present. Little by little I’m getting inspired to bring back who I love to be! Here’s a look I pulled together for the current fall season! Here on the west coast , this heat wont let us Californians enjoy a season change. Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s a little cold. So I’ll you show how I manage this fall weather here! I love embracing the fashion of the fall. To the layering,  playing up different fabrics and textures, and to all the colors of the season. Nude color palettes are huge for the entire year in general and has made there way into the current season. This group of barely there yet neutral colors have shown how much they matter in fashion. Dark colors are also a hit to play up in the fall. So here’s a mix of the two. The holidays are quickly approaching and all the parties are hitting off. Stay tuned!

What I’m wearing:

Top by Forever 21

Skirt by Rebdolls

Shoes by Payless (Believe it or not!)



Photography by Tarik wwww.photographybytarik.net



Keep Calm and Carry On

Hello everyone! I know it has been a few months since I have posted here or on any of my other social media accounts. I decided to take a break to focus my energy on other things in my life, but all the while handling business I missed every creative part of me that I decided to put on hold. This blog is like my own child that I created and brought to life so I know that TMARIE STYLES couldn’t become non existent and I must carry it on! So here I am once again. On a another note, after being away for so long I had no idea where to began again! Where to be inspired from, how to express myself and how to get in front of a camera again. So I decided to not overthink everything and to let it all gel together again. There’s no inspiration just me being fashionable and creating something that I call beautiful. There’s a little leg, a little mid drift, some brown lip, and a new hair do! Thanks for still reading my blog. Here’s to the summer, lets make some memories!

shot by Ge’bel Baucham for Photography by Tarik

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket hanging Artistry boutique

Top Forever 21

Skirt Forever 21

Heels Torrid

Earrings H&M

Lip Stick Dose of Colors “Chocolate Wasted”












Merry Christmas Eve!

Today is the Eve of Christmas and many of us are well into the spirit of the holiday season! Parties are going on, carolers are singing, malls are crowded and the countdown begins to the most wonderful time of the year! Having the perfect outfit to make you stand out in the crowd at that big holiday party is a must. Don’t spare any sequins, red, or extravagant gowns. Go ahead and show it all off amongst all the beautiful holiday decor. I like to sparkle during the holidays and to be as purdy as I can be. I paired a vintage over the top sequined blouse with 80’s flare with my tulle skirt for a show stopping look. This is definitely a look that one would either love or hate. It’s not for the everyday girl, but for that girl who wants to add a little razzle and dazzle! My inspiration was definitely to shine bright like a diamond! Although I didn’t wear this look to an event or party, I was definitely seen from afar and I call that a mission accomplished!

What I’m Wearing:

Top: Diva Express Vintage

Skirt: Etsy Shop Diamond 1668

Shoes: Torrid( not recently purchased)

Shot by Ge’bel Tarik Baucham for Photography by Tarik







Merry Christmas!

Stylishly Yours,


Fall Into Fashion

Fall/Winter is here and I always say this is Fashion’s spring! The emergence of great style with the love of coats, sweaters, scarves,boots, beautiful gowns, and just all that layering arises. We also go into the holiday season, a fashion season within itself and all things elegant and grand. Every week calls for a party of some sort to put your best fashion foot forward and an all around celebratory time of the year! For this look I wanted to be covered yet understated sexy. It’s simple but a look that is brought to life with style. This olive green dress by Rebdolls is the perfect fall sexy and simply go to dress. It covers from head to toe and covers every inch of the body tightly. Adding my DKNY lovely coat to it was all I needed to add the “Kim K” swag to it, or was it the pimps who used to rock the coat over the shoulders all the time? I have to admit I have been loving her style for the past few years despite what she stands for. So here’s my simple fall look that is great for an event or if you’re that girl who loves to be bold on an everyday basis like me! Please do find inspiration from this look!

What I’m Wearing

Coat: DKNY by Donna Karen

Dress: Rebdolls

Heels: Torrid

Necklace: Forever 21

photography by Gebel Baucham for Photography by Tarik



“A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” —Sophia Loren






Think Pink

It’s Breast Cancer Awarness month and as I’ve gotten older, though I haven’t directly been affected nor has anyone in my family, a close friend or someone else I might have know has. Cancer in general can be such a terrible disease when it takes over someone’s life. Today it is more important than ever for women both young and old to be aware of their bodies and to recieve mammograms regualary. I know we all can feel like we are invicible and will never become affected by breast cancer or any other form of cancer, but as I get older I have realized it only takes one diagnosis to change your life forever. Therefore, health has become just as and if not even more important than attaing other dreams and goals. I honor all women who have fallen victim to this disease and I honor all other women kicking breast cancer’s butt and have overcome the fight! It takes courage to live your life with grace after fighting  a tough battle! You all are celebrated this month!

On a more stylish note, I found the brightest pink wall I could find in LA to pay homage to all those fighting or have fought through breast cancer! Nothing says pink more than this wall and it’s so cute! Although it’s fall the summer just won’t let go here in Cali. With temperatures reaching tripple digits there’s no way I can grab a sweater, coat, scarf, or boot so I grabbed the cutest jumpsuit in my closet. This super cute piece is from Monif C, who has some of the most fashion forward designs in the plus size industry. This number falls nothing short of a statment piece from the cape and jumpsuit combo, to the electrifying blue this is definetly an eye catcher! I kept the statment going with the matching heels, high bun, and of course a geometric peal earring! I think I’m ready for a runway too!

What I’m Wearing:

Jumpsuit by Monif C

Heels by Torrid(not recently purchased)

earrings by Mode Plus

PinkWall (2 of 12)

PinkWall (7 of 12)

PinkWall (3 of 12)

PinkWall (6 of 12)

PinkWall (10 of 12)

PinkWall (4 of 12)

PinkWall (5 of 12)

PinkWall (11 of 12)

Haute Plus Life Giveaway #TMarieStyles2

This is a month of celebration because my lovely blog is turning two years old! Its fashion’s greatest time of the year so adding TMarie Styles into the mix makes it all that much sweeter. I’ve decided to give one lucky follower a chance to win a piece from the fall collection of online boutique Haute Plus Life. Without the support of those of you out there near and far I wouldn’t be able to reach others through your word of mouth or be more inspired by the awesome messages I receive from strangers that instantly becomes friends through love. With each outfit beyond my love for fashion and art,  I am inspired by the live’s I am able to touch in the plus size community.

To enter into TMarie Styles Turns 2 Dress Giveaway follow these simple rules and one lucky winner will be chosen at random this time next week!

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To shop and other fabulous styles visit http://www.HautePlusLife.com

Accessories not recently purchased

Shot by Gebel Baucham for Photography by Tarik





Pumped Up Kicks

Can you believe I only own about two pairs of sneakers that I can actually wear casually and fashionably?! I’m the type of girl that needs to step her shoe game up in that area one day, but I do have a pair of classic Air Force 1’s. Knowing how girly I am, my significant other made me get a pair and actually wear them. I decided to keep the look sporty, a little sexy, simple, and, one of my favorite words, chic. The sexy comes from the halter top which would not normally be worn with a sneaker. All the other characteristics are in the skirt, hair and sneaker. I can easily switch out the shoe to a heel and give this look a completely different feel. Keeping my style close to who I am no matter which accessory, clothing item, hair style or shoe I choose to wear is the key to owning my personal style. Being that I can barely walk in a heel I should probably wear a sneaker but I don’t! However I love this look and would rock it anywhere.

What I’m Wearing:

top by Forever 21(not recently purchased)

skirt by Lane Bryant

shoes By Nike “Air Force Ones

watch by Invicta Watches

Shot by Ge’bel Baucham for photography by Tarik






Life & Love

IMG_7616 - 2015-08-19 at 14-48-03

One day while driving down LaBrea in Los Angeles, I came across a beautiful mural and had to stop to embrace it. A simple message that many of us forget to remember while going through the daily craziness of life. Oddly placed on a busy street, it makes you stop and stare for a quick second. I instantly saw the beauty of this mural because on the artistic side the white paint sliding down the letters seem to symbolize  the ugliness we instinctively see in bad situations. However, finding beauty in all things in life allows you to be a much happier individual. Love is another part of my life that I want to share. The man behind the lens of my camera is the love of my life Gebel Baucham. For the past year he has heightened the beauty of my blog with his talent. He has also brought a huge smile across my face practically everyday. Sometimes you just want to tell the world how an individual makes you feel so alive and loved that much more and he does just that. He’s my best friend, prayer partner, lover, motivator, favorite photographer and King of my heart. So there I just had to share with my readers a piece of my life that makes life beautiful!

I chose to wear bright colors to compliment the season and to stand out from the mural. I found this striking blazer at a local boutique and I paired it with a little bit of something old. My go to sixties glam dress, which I refer to it as, is an oldie but goodie in my wardrobe that I like to play around with and mix up every once in a while.
What I’m wearing:

Blazer by Hanging Artistry Boutique

Dress not recently bought

Shoes by Smash Shoes

Ear cuff by Forever 21

Shot by Gebel Baucham

for Photography by Tarik

IMG_7610 - 2015-08-19 at 14-47-40

SIdeLIB - 2015-08-20 at 19-58-09IMG_7662 - 2015-08-19 at 14-59-56IMG_7717 - 2015-08-19 at 15-10-55

IMG_7631 - 2015-08-19 at 14-50-21

IMG_7647 - 2015-08-19 at 14-53-08

IMG_7628 - 2015-08-19 at 14-49-50

IMG_7655 - 2015-08-19 at 14-53-56

IMG_7703 - 2015-08-19 at 15-05-40

Beach Babe in Renee Olivia

The summer is almost over and I couldn’t let it go by without finding the right swimsuit. Here I am wearing a design by  Draped in Renee Olivia that definitely brings out the beach babe in me. Leaving no room for the modest girl, this swim suit was made for the bold and sexy curvy girl. This plus size urban line was created by two stylish young women Arrion and DaShana from Los Angeles, California to give their customer that bold and urban fashion that may not be available to her. This design features sexy details with a halter neck tie and another to wrap around the waist for added definition. Also the bottoms include cutouts along the waist for a little more peekaboo of skin with a finished turquoise snake print. The only thing left to do after slipping this on is to make you’re on your way to the beach for some fun in the sun!

Shot by: Ge’bel “Gee” Baucham for Photography by Tarik

what I’m wearing: swim suit by Draped in Renee Olivia, foot jewelry by Forever 21

Shop all Draped in Renee Olivia here: http://www.drapednreneeolivia.com/





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